Friday, February 25, 2011


I have discovered that my memory of silly or cute things Chad does is not always as good as I would like it to be, so I have decided to start keeping a record of the hysterical things that fall out of his mouth on a daily basis. At 2 1/2 he can say things that our only response is to laugh, or things that truly make us think, or things that make us wonder how a little boy can be so smart! These are a few of those phrases, there are many more, and this will be a multi part project, but these are what we could think up that we have heard from him over the last two years (or at least since he started talking ) ;)

C:"guess what?"
Us: "what?"
C: "chicken butt! like goofy!"

"it's goin down!" (referring to the Oregon Ducks)

"Okay, let's talk about it" (this started when he was negotiating for a 5 piece of french toast, and has now become a regular phrase used all the time)

"Ummmmmm, I fordot somthin" (EVERY NIGHT when he gets in bed, this "somthin" can range from going potty to any type of toy)

"Hey!That's what I was gonna say!" (this is his response to anything we say lately!)

"oh! I know, we need a mouskatool!" (when anything is not working as it should, and you try explaining to him why toodles doesn't come to the rescue!!)

"oopsie daisy!" (if anything or anyone drops anything)

"Oh! It's willie the giant!" (he tends to "see" the giant out the window on a daily basis)

"That sounds like a a silly gilly gumball!" (we honestly have no ide what this is in referrence to, he says it all the time, but neither of us can figure out in regards to what. we assume this has something to do with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but we can't figure out which one)

"Everybody jump around, get up jump around" (quoting musice most toddlers should know, Jump Around by House of Pain)

"It's not workin!" (for obvious reasons)

"That'd be pretty fun" (this is the standard answer for anything that would be entertaining)

"What's that noise????" (regarding any sort of faint noise in the distance)

"Not yet, I'm finishing" ( This child takes FOREVER to poop! up to 10-15 minutes! When we continually ask if he is done, this is the standard answer... Altho, I am not complaining seeing as he is almost completely potty trained minus naps and bedtime. So proud of him! But, we do tend to lose our patience with him when he is stalling before bed and I have been known to tell him I am done playing this game, to which he asked grandma the other day while he was going potty "are you done playing this game grama?" (oops! )

C:"I want to eat a cheeseburger to the sky!"
Us: " really? a cheeseburger to the sky?"
C: "wait, no 2 cheeseburgers to the sky!!!"
(he has also ranted about cheeseburgers to the sky in his sleep.... he tends to sleep talk ;)

"lets play hockey!!!!!" (the boy LOVES hockey, it ranks up there with Mickey Mouse, the house has been non stop hockey, and this is what we hear all day long!

There are sooooo many more quotes, and I will slowly install more as they come to mind, or as they come out of his mouth!

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Becky said...

He's too funny! And Nathan knows "Jump Around" too! He loves to scream 'jump up, jump up and get down!' when jumping on his bed!