Monday, September 27, 2010

A Boy and His Ducks.....

A boy and his ducks.... Chad is in love with the ducks at the Lake dock about 1 mile from our house. He would go everyday to feed his friends if he could. Every duck is "Mr. Duck, and he loves them all egually! The smartest ducks know that Chad's little arm can only throw a piece of bread so far and will get right next to him to gobble up all the pieces! After a long feeding, (usually an entire loaf of bread!)Chad must coral his ducks back into the water to see them all swim around. Despite the occasional seagull, or crow coming to pester the ducks and sending them into a frenzied flight around us, it is usually a very peaceful afternoon. You would think being surrounded by ducks would scare most two year olds, but not our little duck boy, he is in his element when amongst his friends.... his Aunt Danielle says he even runs like a duck... I am sure Chad thinks that is a compliment.
A boy and his ducks, simple love.

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